March 20, 2014

Living Natural: Natural Hair Care for Natural Hair, Product #1 100% Natural Shampoo

Sodium laurel sulfate...this is the latest chemical that is a hot topic in hair care. Sodium laurel sulfate is  a major ingredient in most shampoos and dish soaps, that is the key cleansing. However, sodium laurel sulfate is damaging to the hair because it  strips the hair of all its natural oils, leaving it very dry and brittle. Dry hair breaks easily. Today, you hear a lot about "sulfate free" shampoos, which cleanse your hair without over drying it. Well, I have an alternative that is all natural and very moisturizing.
I've been making my own shampoo since August 2013. The first recipe I made consisted of two (2) ingredients:  2 ounces of baby mild castile soap and 2 ounces of aloe vera juice. I was amazed after the first time that I used it. My hair clean, very soft, and detangled; the comb went through my hair like butter! That batch of shampoo lasted me until November 2013. When it was time for me to make more shampoo, I changed my recipe a bit. I read that coconut milk is a great conditioner because it is very moisturizing, so I tried it and loved how my hair felt (I will share more in a future blog). From that, I had the idea of adding it to my shampoo.
All Natural Shampoo

1 ounce Coconut Milk
1 ounce Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Castile Soap
1 ounce Aloe Vera Juice (get the whole leaf aloe vera juice)
1 tablespoon natural oil of your choice, such as extra virgin coconut, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, grapeseed oil or macadamia nut oil
4-6 drops Peppermint essential oil (optional)
4-6 drops Lavender essential oil (optional)
Measuring cup
Storage Container (see below)
(I got mine from the beauty supply store for $2.00; the storage container I use has measurements on the side, so I don't use a measuring cup :-)

From left to right: olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk (on top of the coconut oil), peppermint essential oil (on top of the coconut milk), aloe vera juice, baby mild castile soap.
8 ounce storage bottle with measurements
8 ounce bottle up close

16 ounce bottle up close with measurements

16 ounce storage bottle with measurements

1. Pour the coconut milk, aloe vera juice, and castile soap into the storage bottle. Shake well to mix ingredients.
2. Add 4-6 drops of peppermint essential oil. I use more because I like a strong scent. Then add the lavender essential oil and the natural oil of your choice. Shake to mix.
3. Done!! Store the shampoo in the refrigerator for up to a month. Before I shampoo my hair, I will warm up a cup of hot water and place the shampoo bottle in the cup to warm up the shampoo.
To use, wet your hair and apply to the shampoo to the roots. Lather and rinse. As you rinse, the shampoo will rinse through your strands and clean the rest of your hair. This shampoo lathers but not as much as store bought shampoo. It thoroughly cleans and detangles my hair, with one wash. If I've gone two (2) weeks between shampoos, sometimes I will wash twice. Afterwards, my hair is very moisturized and feels soft.
1. Coconut milk is extremely moisturizing.
2. Aloe vera juice adds shine to your hair and is very moisturizing.
3. Baby mild castile soap has natural oils in it. The castile soap is unscented and cleans your hair thoroughly with just one wash.
4. The peppermint essential oil soothes your scalp and gives your scalp a tingly feeling. It also adds a nice, refreshing and uplifting scent.
5. The lavender essential oil adds a nice scent.
6. The natural oil adds moisture to your hair. Even though castile soap is all natural and contains natural oils, it is still soap. The coconut milk, natural oil, and aloe vera juice are essential to replenishing the oil and moisture to your hair.

The only drawback to this shampoo is that, due to the fat content in the coconut milk, it only lasts about 2-weeks in the refrigerator. For this reason, I use the amounts of castile soap, coconut milk and aloe vera juice listed in the recipe. I shampoo my hair once a week. If you shampoo your hair more often, you can make more of the shampoo by using 2 ounces or 1/2 cup each of  castile soap, coconut milk, and aloe vera juice. Use 1 or 1 and 1/2 tablespoons natural oil instead of 1 tablespoon of the oil and increase the number of drops of essential oil.  I place the leftover coconut milk in ice trays and place them in the freezer.

So give this a try. And, as always, please let me know what you think. Until the next blog....God bless you and keep you.

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