February 1, 2014

Remembering Space Shuttle Columbia...

 Space Crew Shuttle Columbia: back row from left to right: David Brown, Laurel Clark, Michael Anderson and Ilan Ramon
front row from left to right: Commander Rick Husband, Kalpana Chalwa, William McCool
On February 1, 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia was lost. This was the second shuttle disaster since Challenger, which occurred on January 28, 1986. Seven astronauts lost their lives in the name of space exploration.
Columbia blasted off on January 16, 2003. Approximately 82 seconds after launch, a piece of insulation foam broke off and struck the left wing of the shuttle. The foam strike left a hole in the wing. Columbia completed a successful and trouble free mission until the shuttle attempted to land on February 1, 2003. As the shuttle re-entered Earth's atmosphere, the hot atmospheric gases melted the wing. Columbia disintegrated, leaving most of its debris in Texas and Louisiana. 
As a result, NASA grounded the shuttle program for two (2) years. Improvements were made and the space program continued. These astronauts gave their lives in the pursuit of space exploration.


Columbia Crew playing around and posing in space

The Columbia crew talking on the historic walkway from crew quarters to the Astro Van, which took them to the shuttle.
February 1, 2014, 11 years later.....Columbia crew, we salute you, we say thank you, we admire you, we will never forget you, may you all rest in peace. God bless you. 
This video gives a synopsis of what caused the loss of space shuttle Columbia.

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