February 22, 2014

Coming in March...Living Natural: Hair Care for Natural Hair

Blessings everyone! I pray that you are doing well.
I've really enjoyed sharing my favorite natural products here on my blog! I'd love to hear from you if you have tried some of the products. As I continue to experiment, when I am replenishing my products, I will be posting updates so stay tuned!!!
I am looking forward to the month of March! I am so excited because I will sharing my journey of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I can't wait to share the hair care products that I use, which are all natural, and most of all they work!!! I also pray that I can encourage women who are considering whether or not to go natural. God made us beautiful; I am learning to accept how God made me...which includes embracing my naturally curly hair.
I got my first relaxer when I was in 7th grade and I've had relaxed hair ever since. I had a wonderful beautician who taught me how to properly care for my hair and to keep it healthy. In 2001, when I relocated from Michigan to Texas, I had very a difficult time finding a beautician that could relax my hair properly. Nobody could ever get my hair straight enough for my liking. In 2002, I finally found two different people who did an awesome job of relaxing my hair. I would usually get a relaxer at the beginning of spring and then a touch up in the summer. During the cooler months, I would be able to manage my hair touch ups.
In June 2012, I got my last relaxer. That was not my plan though. Through doing hair care research, I learned that coconut oil can help stretch a relaxer. So I began using coconut oil for moisturizing, sealing, and deep conditioning. I found that my new growth was easier to manage and that my hair was becoming healthier. By 2013, I found that I was managing my hair without a relaxer. During my research, I really began to see the pros and cons of relaxed vs. natural hair. After prayer and research, I made the decision to transition to natural hair. It's healthier for your hair and overall health. In June 2014, it will be two years since my last relaxer.
I will share more about my journey as I begin my new series: Living Natural...Natural Hair Care for Natural Hair. Coming....March 2014.....Stayed tuned!!!
This is me with relaxed hair. This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2009. I had just had a relaxer in November 2009.  

This photo was taken in October 2010.

 Me in summer 2011, still relaxed!
December 2012, my last relaxer was June 2012.
October 2013
This is me as of February, 2014.

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