January 2, 2014

Living Natural...Let's begin!!

I am very excited and really enjoying this natural journey that God has me on. It has been fun learning and using more natural products to care for my hair and skin. I feel like I am taking better care of my body. And the icing on the cake, I am saving money too! I am looking forward to sharing with you, hearing from you about how the products work for you and also learning from you.
This blog is going to address facial cleansers and body wash. Have you ever looked at the back of your body wash bottle and read the ingredients? Half of that stuff I can't even pronounce! Yet, we use these unknown chemical laden products on our skin. Well I have a natural alternative!

As I stated in my "A Look Back at 2013" blog, I was introduced to castile soap this past summer.  Castile soap is made with the following natural ingredients: water, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil and organic jojoba oil. There is another substance called potassium hydroxide, which is used in the saponifying the oils into soap and glycerin. This substance does not remain in the final product. I use Dr. Bronners and it comes in a variety of scents. It can be purchased at Whole Foods, Sprouts, at various online stories, or at  Target. I find that Whole Foods has the best variety of scents. A 32 ounce bottle runs between $13.00-$17.00; however, it lasts for several months. A little goes a long way. 

Castile soap is all that I use to cleanse my face and body. It leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. The peppermint and almond scent are my favorites. The almond smells wonderful.   The lather makes a great shaving cream as well, so I no longer purchase shaving cream. I like the peppermint as  feminine wash. I use both to wash my face as well. As  said, a little goes a long way.

Above is photo of the other scents that I have (from left to right): peppermint, rose, almond, eucalyptus and baby mild (the baby mild is unscented, it is the last one on the right...the label got cut off a bit...oops!).

The eucalyptus is great to use after ballet class. The scent is calming and the eucalyptus is soothing to my sore muscles. It is also great when you have a cold, just fill a tub with hot water and add some to the water. It is very soothing, comforting and opens up your nasal passages.
The rose scent is strong and smells like fresh cut roses. I use this as a body wash but have never tried it on my face.

I use the baby mild as a facial cleanser as well. I experimented by adding some lemon essential oil to the baby mild and using that to cleanse my face. The lemon helps to absorb some of the oil as I have oily skin.

I purchased a trial size of the lavender scent, which I used for a week when I was on vacation. The smell was ok, not what I expected. But nonetheless, it is a decent fragrance.

I also purchased the tea tree scent and used it for cleaning dishes and my toilet. Tea tree is a natural bacteria killer. I liked it for cleaning the toilet, no more stains nor odor.  I felt like I needed to use a lot of it to clean my dishes, so the jury is still out on whether I like it for cleaning or not.

I also use castile soap as my hand washing soap. I fill a liquid dispenser with 1/2 water and 1/2 castile soap of my choice. Shake to mix and there is your natural hand soap.

Oh, did I mention that the peppermint castile soap can be used for brushing your teeth? Yes! Now, of course, it tastes like soap because it is soap, but your mouth will be very clean and fresh after using it.

So go buy some castile soap! Don't forget to tell me what you think. Blessings!

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